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6 justifications holding back your self-improvement

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Image by  Quinn Dombrowski  used under Creative Commons License

Image by Quinn Dombrowski used under Creative Commons License

Anytime we try to undertake change that is uncomfortable, our psyche tries to find "reasonable" justifications why we shouldn't do it. Some call these loopholes, some call them excuses and some call them false justifications. Regardless of what you call them, they are real. 

The purpose of creating this list is just to create awareness about them so you can catch yourself using them the next time.

  1. False excuse- You can't so A because you are already doing B. there are time when this is a valid excuse but more often can not, this is just an excuse.
  2. I've been good excuse- I've been so good so it's ok for me to do this/not do this. You are trying to convince yourself that you have taken the moral high ground so one "indiscretion" won't be too bad.
  3. Procrastination excuse- I can afford not to do A today because I have time to do it tomorrow and that's good enough. 
  4. Get out of jail excuse- I'm on vacation / business-trip so it's ok. Just because you are out of your "normal" situation doesn't mean you should break everything you are trying to do.
  5. Life is short excuse- I only live once so I might as well do A. 
  6. It's only once excuse - I know A is bad but I'm just doing it this one time. If you do it and like it, chances are you may find other excuses to keep doing it. I know it's an extreme example but this is often how drug addiction starts.

The next time you catch yourself using one of these justifications, acknowledge it and make an informed decision.