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3 apps you need for your next road trip

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

There is something fun and exciting about road trips. They are a great way to discover wonderful places and people. So I wanted to share my top 3 iPhone (IOS) / Android apps every road-tripper should download now.


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 4.34.25 PM.png

Gas Buddy is a free app that helps you find the cheapest gas in your area (Canada and US). It is a great way to decide whether to fill up now, somewhere on your route or at your destination. It also has a handle alert feature that will notify you if it thinks gas prices in your area are heading up (fill up cheap while you can).


The manufacturer describes the app as

Open up iExit when traveling on an interstate and it will figure out which road and direction you are traveling and the next 100 upcoming exits

Obviously a great tool to have when travelling in the US. 

Google Maps

Google has become synonymous with the word maps and their latest Google Maps product is fantastic. It gives you maps for 220 countries and now even allows you to download routing maps to use while offline. 

If you are connected via 3G/LTE, you will get live traffic information (now with Waze traffic data integration), active rerouting, lane guidance, easy searching for local establishments (restaurants, bars, stores, etc).

Overall this has become my defacto mapping app and every smartphone should have it. If you own an Android device, it is already installed (just make sure you update it). For IOS: