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Check if your accounts have been hacked

ITEdward KiledjianComment

Another day, another hack. It seems there is another media story every week talking about a site getting hacked and thousands (or millions) of account being compromised.  Companies have Information Security teams that track these breaches to protect their users, but how does an average user protect himself?

As an average user, you are on your own but there are sites that can help. One of these sites is called (link)

You enter your address and the site will check if it was included in any of the breach leaks they track. I used 1 known clean email and 1 email that was part of the Adobe brach and the site identified each properly. When an email is found in their database, they tell you when it was breach and what breach it was part of.


Pwndlist (link) is another site that offers a free similar service but provides almost no additional information. 

I built an IFTTT script that emails me once a month to remind me to check my credentials against these services.