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A light tough enough for your GoPro action cam

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

A lot of people buy the GoPro adventure camera (cam) as the family vacation video camera. Putting these people aside, the real adventure seekers are the ones that are ready for a challenge anytime day or night. But the GoPro doesn't work at night (quality really degrades quickly as it get's darker and darker). But fear not my friend, the Knog Qudos is here to shed light when ordinary lights scare away and break. 

The GoPro friendly accessory mounts next to your beloved recorder and shines a very bright 400 lumens in wide angle mode (175 in target spot and 275 in ultra wide). The Qudos is waterproof to 40m (131 ft for my american readers) which means this light can go anywhere your GoPro can rain or shine, mountain or ocean. 

The add-on can be used for only $119. Get info on the company's website (link)