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Google Cast is Chromecast for Audio to speakers, receivers and other tech

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Google Cast for Audio is Google's famous ChromeCast tech updated for audio streaming to third party devices. By using the Cast button in supported apps (IOS, Android, browser), you will be able to send audio to any Google Cast for Audio supporting device.

We saw people "hack" ChromeCast dongles with HDMI Converters to create makeshift audio receivers using the cast protocol but this is a much more elegant solution and it beats the crappy audio quality of bluetooth.

Google says the first Cast for Audio speakers will hit US store shelves later in 2015 and that it has already signed up brands like Sony, LG, Denon and more. 

I love the multi-platform nature of this technology. Let's see if it is as popular as the Chromecast or a failure like Android TV.