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Get a cheap shareable 2nd number for your mobile phone

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There are many situations where I don't want to give away my personal cell phone number (work, selling something, dating, etc). There are about a dozen apps that provide "burner" number but what if you need something semi-permanent? Something you can destroy but that you can also keep and use for 30/60/90 days or longer.

This is where Too comes in. You install the app, pay the fee to reserve the number and voila. You can choose numbers from a list of regions in Canada, USA & UK.  

You could use this number to protect yourself from that new person you are dating but this also has very "professional uses. Let's say you are a consultant working on a 3 month project, you can choose to use a Too number to make sure you don't get bothered after by calls asking for free support. You can use it to rent out that apartment on AirBnB so calls coming into that number can immediately be identified as a business call. You can use it instead of your real number when selling something on Craigslist or Kijiji. 

It seems to be an easy to use service at an affordable price. So if you are in the market for semi-permanent number, give Too a try (link)

UPDATE 10/18:

Once you pay the fee to reserve the  number for 30 days, you are then informed that inbound/outbound minutes will also be charged. I find the developer's approach of not disclosing all of the costs up front dishonest and therefore I recommend you not use this app and go with something like Skype or Google Voice.