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Kindle Unlimited finally comes to Canada

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Canadians are use to being treated like second class citizens. We often watch our american neighbours get all the cool services while we live in the stone age. Maybe it's not that bad but it is pretty bad.

Now Amazon has finally opened up it's Kindle Unlimited service to all Canadians. This means for $9.99, you can read any book from its 750,000 book digital library. What kind of books so they offer? Think of title like Harry Potter, Flash Boys, etc.

All Canadians are eligible for a free 30 days trial of the service except Quebecers. No free trial for you Quebecer! Before any french speaking Quebecois get's mad at me, Kindle Unlimited will offer 15,000 french titles. 

Access Kindle Unlimited on here (link)