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3 secrets to using LinkedIn to advance your career

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Image by  Adriano Gasparri  used under Creative Commons License

Image by Adriano Gasparri used under Creative Commons License

LinkedIn has created a unique niche for itself amongst professionals looking to bolster their career. Read my article about The You Brand , and you may start to see opportunities to use LinkedIn as your personal self promotion platform. 

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Here are some of the elements you could use to improve your overall LinkedIn visibility and credibility.

Update Your Profile

Sounds pretty basic but it deserves a special spot here as the first suggestion.  Remember that LinkedIn is where potential employers go to discover who you are. It is often the first opinion a potential partner or employer will have of you. 

It is very important to remember:

LinkedIn is not Facebook, please stay professional

Make sure everything in your profile exudes professionalisms from the level of english you use to describe your positions to the picture you upload. You'll notice on my LinkedIn profile that my background (on the very top) is a serene picture of a forest. Chose something that describes you without going overboard. 

LinkedIn also allows you to add other content which may be relevant to your future job prospects such as whitepapers, images, presentations, etc.

LinkedIn Profile Tips:

  1. Have a well lit professional looking photo
  2. Have an original (non job title) tagline that describes your capabilities
  3. Have more contacts. Add anybody you have met to LinkedIn. There is something powerful when that 500+ connection number is shown on your profile
  4. When using LinkedIn for intelligence work, turn on anonymous browsing (link) to do it discreetly
  5. Linkedin in NOT a resume and shouldn't be treated as such. Consider it a living document that describes you. 
  6. It is important to update your LinkedIn status at least once a week. Remember to stay professional.
Image by  Sean MacEntee  used under Creative Commons License

Image by Sean MacEntee used under Creative Commons License


Blogging is the great equalizer of the internet. Everyone has an equal opportunity to produce quality content and demonstrate their thought leadership capabilities.

In fact this article you are reading will be posted on my own personal blog at and also cross-posted on LinkedIn using their blogging feature.

If your readers like your content, they can like or share it which increases your visibility beyond your own network.

Image by  Hans Põldoja  used under Creative Commons License

Image by Hans Põldoja used under Creative Commons License

Nurture your network

LinkedIn created the Connected app (link) and describes it as: " Because most opportunities come from the people you already know, and fostering genuine relationships can help you be more successful."

LinkedIn is telling you how important nurturing your network is... Are you listening? 

You want to be top of mind within your network. If an opportunity comes up, you want your contacts to think of you. Remember that 70% of jobs aren't posted so your LinkedIn army can help you get hired.