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Australian carrier ships Google Pixel a week early

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

While everyone is waiting for the new Google branded Pixel to finally launch, a reddit user in Australia claims to have received his Pixel from Telstra early. 

And this doesn't seem to be an isolated case. There are a handful of Reddit threads talking about users receiving their units and backing up the claims with pictures.  Going through the information, we gleam the following :

Google Assistant welcomes you when you open the box 

Google's free unlimited full resolution storage option is automatic and available as soon as you sign in to the device. The app/service detects all Pixel images and videos. I am wondering if we will be able to game the system by playing with EXIF information.

Also and Duo are pre-loaded and the default apps. 

29.75GB of storage is available (out of the 32GB shown in this model).

The LED notification light is near the earpiece.

On a funnier note, people claiming to be Telstra employees commented on some posts and one said he bought his Pixel from Google because it offered a better warranty.