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Google is cheating Nexus users, should you trust the new Pixel?

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

I am an open-minded technologist that uses both Android and iPhone. The one thing I love about the iPhone is that there is no carrier bloat and system updates are released almost immediately to all iPhone owners. 

Android is fragmented with thousands of devices from hundreds of manufacturers all trying to be a little different (skins and apps), most sold through carriers also trying to make their mark with their own unremovable apps. Add to that the fact that an official Google android update may never make it to your device because of the manufacturer or carrier and you start having migraines. 

Google tried to fix all of that by selling unlocked devices with vanilla android called. These devices weren't always the fastest, slimmest, prettiest or cheapest but they came with the promise of fast updates. This became doubly important in the age of everything being hacked.

Naturally the most ardent supporters of the platform flocked to the Nexus line and things were good. Until last week when Google announced their new line of Google branded unlocked vanilla OS Android phones called the Pixel. At first glance the Pixel stole the show with its all Google design and innovative new features (Google Assistant, computational photography, etc). Think about that. Google's new line is replacing the old Nexus line. But who cares is they changed the name, Nexus devices always receive the latest updates. Right? Nexus will receive the new Pixel powering Android 7.1... Right?

 Yes it will but not right away. Google will release it on the Pixel devices this month but Nexus owners will  receive it sometime before the end of the year. So the new OS is good enough for the shiny new thing but not for your old grimey Nexus. 

Many Nexus owners I have spoken to are upset that the promise of rapid regular updates has changed due to Google's new product direction. To make things worse, when the new 7.1 OS does come to Nexus devices, it will be missing some cool new software features like Google Assistant everywhere, the new Pixel launcher, the new camera app and some other aesthetic tweaks. 

I'm sure some of the missing features (software based ones) will eventually come to the Nexus but this shows a clear change in direction at Google. The move to Pixel seems to be a first push to take back control of Android and likely isn't the last change we will see. My assumption is that Chrome OS and Android will likely disappear and Google will make a real time Operating System (non linux based like Google Fuchsia). 

If you are a Nexus owner, how do you feel?