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Public Mobile to launch US Roaming Add-on

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

Public Mobile is a low-cost limited network Canadian mobile service provider. It has recently announced in its forums that it will be adding a new US Roaming add-on (option) through new deals struck with T-Mobile and AT&T.

The carrier has said this is in response to comments made in its forums and will come in 10-day chunks of phone only, text only, data only or a combo plan. 

Limited data is available but we expect the options to look like this:

  1. unlimited USA talk $CAD8
  2. unlimited text $CAD8
  3. 1GB of data for $CAD20

Let's compare the data rate to the pay per use rate of $US0.10 per MB. 1GB = 1000MB = $US100. Obviously the Public Mobile rate is cheaper. You can also buy the KnowRoaming unlimited data plan for $US7.99 per day which would cost $US79.99 for 10 days of unlimited data.

Let's compare it to Roam Mobility. A 1GB data only plan good for 30 days costs $CAD21.95 which is competitive. You can get their unlimited talk+text+data plan for only $4.95 / day ($CAD49.50 for 10 days of everything unlimited). If you add the 10 days of talk, text and 1GB of Data from PublicMobile, you get $36. 

Looking at above, my recommendation is to go with Roam Mobility. For $14 more, you get unlimited data for 10 days which will likely be more attractive to most users.