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Free Google app to scan all your physical pictures powered by magic

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

The title may have been just a little exaggerated but most people, computational photography does feel like magic. Google knows you have boxes of photos just collecting dust and deteriorating. Our unofficial benevolent leader (aka Google) has decided to use its computer science chops to help Joe Regular digitize those boxes of old photos without having to fork over $500 for a flatbed scanner or spend hours retouching pictures.

The app takes multiple pictures of each photo and completely get's rid of glare. Then it automatigically  performs edge detection, perspective correction and smart rotation.

If you so chose, you can then upload your new digital cherished memories into the loving arms of Google Photos. 

If you are a computer geek and want to understand the magic of computational photography in an easy to understand manner, check out the new NAt & Lo video below.

Download the free app now: