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Stove In A Can - Be ready for the next emergency

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Anyone preparing for disaster / emergency knows that in addition to having easy to prepare food on hand, fire is an indispensable tool. Fire allows you to disinfect a tool, boil water (to sanitize it) or prepare different types of food. Fire is critical but difficult to make without preparation during an emergency. This is where Stove In A Can comes in.

What is Stove In A Can?

The Stove In a Can is a simple self contained stove with everything you need from the support frame, fuel and even matches. It is a self contained cooking solution. 

In the can, you get:

  • The can which becomes the stove frame
  • 4 fuel pucks (lasting 1 hour each)
  • The cooking ring
  • The fuel ring
  • Matches


Simplicity and speed is critical during an emergency and the Stove In A Can doesn't fail to satisfy. It can be lit and used in under a minute and is relatively fool proof.

The good

  • It is self contained and everything you need is included
  • Soot is contained inside the can which makes storage and carry much better
  • The fuel cells are waterproof
  • The fuel is solid so you are not worried about spilling or overfilling
  • The fuel is reusable. Once your water is boiled or food is cooked, you can put out the fire with the lid and reuse it
  • The fuel does not expire so you don't have to worry about rotating it

The bad

  • The fuel doesn't burn clean and leaves soot on anything you use
  • The included matches are relatively cheap and I recommend you replace them with better waterproof strike anywhere survival matches

Where can I buy A Stove In A Can?

Amazon sells it for $22 + shipping. You can also get additional fuel cartridges there