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Creators of Siri to launch next generation AI assistant May 9

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

Siri, Google Now and Cortana launched with great fanfare. We expected great things and for the most part, they are all disappointing. Truth is none of them really lived up to our expectations.

The creators of Siri have been hard at work creating the next generation of AI, which they claim will be able to handle much more complex tasks. The new AI will be able to parse natural language queries and will be able to handle chained commands. We expect you will be able to ask it to find a flight Toronto to Los Angeles next Thursday in the afternoon priced between $300-$700. And it will be able to do all of this without kicking you out to another app. 

Integration with important services will be critical and it is expected to launch with at least 50 name brand partners from Uber to GrubHub. 

Forrester research believes consumers spend 80% of their smartphone time in as little as 5 apps. Like most of you, I have too many apps on my phone. My apps are all soloed and don't talk to each other. My smartphone doesn't really feel smart when I ask it to buy movie tickets and it sends me to an app or website. Truth be told, my phone's built in assistant is nothing more than a circus performer: fun to watch but not really helpful.

As an iPhone owner, I worry that Apple's walled garden will prevent me from being able to use the Viv technology when it is eventually made available to the public. A good strong digital assistant may be enough to persuade me to switch platforms, but for now I wait for Monday's demonstration. 

If Viv is everything we expect it to be, then it could end up owning the most lucrative platform of the future.