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Company tests Drone delivery in Canada

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

As a Canadian, I read about cool new services available to our American friends with envy. Some eventually make their way north but many do not. When I read about Amazon testing its drone delivery service in the US, I was jealous. The thought of ordering a product and not having to wait 2-3 days is incredibly enticing and would dramatically change the way I shop.

Imagine my excitement when I heard about a Toronto based company called Drone Delivery Canada that reportedly conducted a success test of its drone delivery service. We don't have too many details but they did state that the delivery time and ability to carry the planned payload exceeded their expectations.

As a new Torontonian, I was excited to learn that the company is working with and the city of Vaughan to setup commercial delivery services. 

The company did state that they will expand testing and work closely with Canadian regulators as they expand their functionality to Beyond Line of Site.