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Distributed Denial of Service Attacks have doubled in Q2

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Image by  thierry ehrmann  used under creative commons license

Image by thierry ehrmann used under creative commons license

Akamai, the 800lb gorilla of internet security, has published its Q2 2016 State of the Internet Security Report. DDoS attacks seem to be a prefered attack vector and have doubled in number over the past 12 months.

In Q2, The security teams at Akamai have counted a 129% YoY increase in the number of DDoS attacks translated to 4,919 attacks being mitigated in Q2. Beyond just absolute number, we are constantly looking for the size of the attacks and the report does not disappoint. The largest DDoS they saw targeted a media company with a 363Gbps attack. It is also important to note that 10 other attacks were 100Gbps or larger. It seems bad actors are particularly fond of gaming and software companies.

Anyone want to take a guess at which country originated the most DDoS attacks? Anyone? China... Followed closely by the USA then Taiwan.

Another "fun" trend is that Web Application Attacks have increased 14% in Q2 (Q2 compared to Q1). Local File Inclusion taking the lead at 45% of WebApp attacks followed closely by an oldie but goodie, the venerable SQL injection.