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Make sure that cyber-criminal doesn't rip you off

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

Everyone hates being ripped off and consumers are always looking for ways to protect themselves. We use credit cards for online purchases to protect against fraud. We use Amazon ratings to judge the worthiness of a seller. But what is a cyber-criminal to do? A criminal can't reverse a charge because they don't use credit cards.

So anywhere there is a void, an entrepreneur will fill the void and the dark underbelly of the cyber-criminal world is no exception. A site called Ripper.CC was launched to help these cyber-criminals identify these scammer "bad guys" anytime they need to buy valuable items in the underworld.

This isn't completely new but what makes Ripper.CC unique is the care and design of the service. It's database is top notch and easy to use with browser plug-ins (for Firefox and Chrome).  The browser plug-in makes it easy to identity criminals that rip off others, find their profile, and the forum accounts those ripper use.

Obviously the value of any such service is the quality and freshness of the database so the creators of the service have gone to great lengths to be the blue ribbon reference. The service was built in collaboration with well known and trusted members of the underworld. Additionally any new ripper report goes through a documented validation process.

The site uses advertising to cover costs but they may eventually add additional for-pay services.