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You're going to love the DuckDuckGo Terms of Service

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

Terms of service are professionally written notices you agree to every time you use a new smartphone, install a new software or sign up for a new web service. Consumers are rightfully annoyed by 50+ page terms used by large companies.

Sometimes, you stumble on a company that has "good" terms of service in that they actually protect you (the consumer). This write up is about DuckDuckGo because I receive several dozen emails from readers every month asking if they really are a good alternative (from a security perspective to use). 

In this article, I am only tackling their terms of service. As specified on their privacy site "DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information."

DuckDuckGo says they don't save your searches. They don't send your searches or information to any other site. They don't store any personal information about you. 

They only save cookies to your browser if you enable a function that needs it (like persistent settings). 

They save search information but only as aggregated data without any personally identifying information. 

So DuckDuckGo lives up to its promise of personal secure web searching, which is great. I give it an A grade for protection in their TOS.