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ChromeOS 62 rolling out now with Krack patch

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Google started rolling out Chrome 62 to Windows and Mac clients about a week ago and now most Chromebook users should have received the update. For those that haven't realized it, Chromebook updates typically lag behind their Windows/Mac counterpart by about a week.

Screenshot 2017-10-29 at 11.23.07 AM.png

What does ChromeOS 62 bring?

ChromeOS 62 brings an improved file manager, improved OS notifications, and most importantly vulnerability fixes (including the famous KRACK vulnerability).

Pressing and holding a file in the file manager now allows you to select a file (or more) instead of bringing up the right-click menu.

Google updated the system notification to look more like Android notifications (they use to look more like Chrome for Windows notifications in the past). This more Androidesque style brings material design with large icons. 

If you take a screenshot, you are now presented with a thumbnail of the notification (similar to Android). 

You now have better captive portal detection  ( that interstitial webpage in a coffee shop that asks you for your email address before giving you web access).

The most important update for me (a security guy) is the remediation of the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability.