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Google Chrome to block "bad" ads in February

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

The Sultan of Search, Google, announced in June that it would introduce ad blocking tech in an upcoming version of the Google Chrome browser (and Chromebook). 

We can now confirm that this feature will make it into our browser on February 15 (2018). Chrome 64 will be delivered on January 23 and Chrome 65 on March 6. Either this feature will be part of Chrome 64 and turned on with a remote trigger, or it will be a server-side function. We will have to wait and see how Google implements this feature. 

Google will deliver this functionality simultaneously to desktop and mobile clients.

Why would an advertising company block ads?


To be clear, the blocked will only prevent ads that don't meet the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads

  • What kinds of ads will get blocked? 
  • Ads that pop-up when you open a website
  • Ads that fill the entire screen
  • Ads that automatically play a video
  • Ads that trick you into clicking on them by pretending to be a close button
  • and many more

A single violation won't move a site into the blocked list. There are thresholds Google will be looking for and a site can come off the "bad" list if it removes the offending ads.

Google probably realized that these ads are forcing users to install aggressive ad blocking add-ons which are having an impact on its revenue. 

Link: Google blog post