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Roam Mobility launches USA Monthly Plans

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I've written about Roam Mobility before:

Today Roam Mobility is launching new monthly plans that include unlimited talk, text and data. It is a middle of the ground offering between their day plans and their 3-month snowbird ones.

Although these plans were originally designed for Canadian travelers heading to the USA, it is really applicable to anyone going to the US (Europe, Asia, Middle East, etc).

At launch, there are 2 monthly plans (30 day) which both include unlimited talk and text but differ in their data offering:

  • 1GB of 4G LTE for $39.95
  • 4GB of 4G LTE for $64.95

Once you consume all of your data, you get unlimited 2G data. In my testing, the TMobile LTE network is excellent but their 2G network is so so.

All you need is a non-expired Roam Mobility SIM card and then you can choose these plans on their website.

Why a Canadian should choose Roam Mobility

Telus, Rogers and Bell have all started to offer special Roaming plans ($5-7 per day) where you consume your home monthly plan when in the US. The attractiveness of this plan is the ease of use. You keep your same SIM and number. 

Most Canadians have limited data plans and the risk you run is the overage charges once you've eaten your monthly allocation. With Roam Mobility, you have to switch SIM cards but you are given ample 4G LTE and even if you do bust your cap, you get unlimited 2G connectivity. At least there won't be any $50-100 surprises at the end of the month.

What is my review of Roam Mobility

I have tested almost every conceivable USA travel solution from Roam Mobility, KnowRoaming all the way to buying local SIM cards upon landing. I have found the Roam Mobility solution to be the most robust one I have used.

KnowRoaming provides "unlimited" data for $US8 a day but it is slower 3G. Additionally during my last trip to San Francisco, I couldn't get inbound calling to work and finally gave up after 45 minutes on the phone with their support person. I didn't have my Roam SIM so I was stuck paying the Telus $7 a day fee.

So for USA only travel, I would buy a couple of Roam Mobility cards and use them.

Link to monthly plans page