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Canada has 12th fastest wireless networks

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OpenSignal uses its millions of mobile users to map and test global wireless connectivity and they just released their latest global review summary. The 2 main takeaways are that wireless connectivity speeds are improving globally and users are still leveraging WIFI when available. 

Canada is the only western country to reach 20Mbps wireless speeds, making us the 12th best in the world. Our wireless may be expensive but at least it ranks well for performance. As expected, South Korea has kept its crown as the king of wireless speeds. 

For those wondering, our closest neighbor and friend, the United States of America ranks at the 20th position with a speed of 12.48Mbps. 

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Canada ranks 4th as it related to time on WIFI. Canadians spend on average ~60% of their time connected to WIFI. Again we rank better than the US at 10% more WIFI time than them.