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Google Home Superbowl ad

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

Google has started taking hardware seriously in recent years with its Chromecast and Pixels. Then Google launched the Google Home a voice controlled speaker system that competes directly against the Amazon Echo.

In addition to basic voice control, it brought the Google Assistant (until then reserved for the Pixel line of smartphones) to the masses. You can ask Google Home any question and watch it miraculously respond leveraging the massive Google knowledge graph. 

It can play music from Google Play or Spotify, It an give you weather, news and sport scores. It can do math, spell words and provide definitions. It can even add items to a shopping list. 

Continuing its massive advertising spend, Google will showcase Google Home during the Superbowl with a commercial showing some of its capabilities.  Because they show examples of commands, if you own a Google Home or Pixel smartphone, just know they will go off a couple of times,