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CRTC prevents Sugar Mobile from operating on the Rogers network

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

Canadians don't have a lot of wireless connectivity choices and this sad reality is reflected in the high prices we pay. I have previously written about Sugar Mobile and their not for everyone mediocre but cheap offering.

Today they have been dealt a blow by the CRTC (read the CRTC ruling here). The CRTC ordered Sugar Mobile to stop using the Rogers network (improperly) within 50 days. 

Ice Wireless has improperly allowed the end-users of its mobile virtual network operator Sugar Mobile Inc. to obtain permanent, rather than incidental, access to [Rogers’] cellular network

Obviously Sugar Mobile is disappointed by the ruling and has published this statement on their website.

The Canadian market needs competition to drive innovation and hopefully make the market more competitive. It looks like one option has been taken off the table.