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Most well read cities in Canada

CanadaEdward KiledjianComment
Flickr. Creative Commons image by     YLev

Flickr. Creative Commons image by  YLev

This is an older bit of news but one I think is interesting and wanted to share it. In July 2013, Amazon released its list of Most well read cities in Canada. The list comes from Amazon compilling its sales data for all Canadian cities with more than 100,000 residents and the top 20 cities are:

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Calgary, Alberta
  3. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  4. Edmonton, Alberta
  5. Regina, Saskatchewan
  6. London, Ontario
  7. Toronto, Ontario
  8. Ottawa, Ontario
  9. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  10. Kitchener, Ontario
  11. Burnaby, British Columbia
  12. Mississauga, Ontario
  13. Gatineau, Quebec
  14. Windsor, Ontario
  15. Richmond, British Columbia
  16. Markham, Ontario
  17. Surrey, British Columbia
  18. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  19. Hamilton, Ontario
  20. Brampton, Ontario

I was surprised that my home city of Montreal isn't part of the list.

Rogers and Videotron will deploy LTE in Quebec together

CanadaEdward KiledjianComment
Rogers has announced a new 20 year partnership with Videotron which will create a shared LTE network in the province of Quebec and the Ottawa region. The companies will create and use a new province wide LTE network benefiting customers of both companies.
Both companies said this partnership will provide better and more complete coverage across the entire province including rural areas which may be lightly served today.
Videotron is also selling some of its AWS spectrum licenses in the Toronto area to Rogers. 

RIM Secretly looking for a new CEO

Blackberry, Canada, RIMEdward KiledjianComment

2011 was a difficult year for Research in Motion (aka RIM) and it’s 2 CO-CEOs: Mike Lazaridis and Jim Blasillie. Now Canada’s Financial post is reporting that the firm may be searching for a new replacement CEO. The paper’s unnamed source believes Barbara Stymiest may be the frontrunner for the new job. She is a member of the RIM board, former head of the TSX Group Inc and the former Chief Operating Officer of Royal Bank of Canada.

The market seemed to like the rumor since RIM stock edged up slightly after the news hit the market.

Read More: Link

Blackberry Playbook fire sale at $99

Canada, EPP, FutureShop, Playbook, RIM, TabletEdward Kiledjian1 Comment

In Canada, our major retailers have been selling the Playbooks for up to $300 MSRP for the last 2 weeks and some of them are now sold out (Best Buy and FutureShop). In addition to this promo, Research In Motion (RIM) is also giving away a free 16GB Playbook with the upgrade of an enterprise BES server to v5 until December 31.

Rim seems to be in a very festive mood because The Verge is reporting that Blackberry is hawking its 16GB tablet for $99 on its employee only portal. Looks like the 32GB model is going for $149 adn the 64GB $199. Each employee can pickup 8 devices so if you know a RIM employee, this may make a great stocking stuffer.

I guess at -$300 from MSRP, the Playbook is a hot seller. Anyone remember the ill fated WebOS?