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Effervescent Bacon Drink

FoodstuffEdward KiledjianComment

Bacon is a magical food. It makes everything taste better.  You can eat it, sprinkle it, brush with it, etc. Now you can drink it! Oh ya, drink it. 

Enter these wonderful Bacon flavoured  effervescent tabs. You simply drop one into a glass of water and enjoy that bacon flavour. 

I found these little wonders on Amazon here (link)

I have provided a link for convenience and this is not a referral link. I get no compensation for providing this link.

Christmas dinner in a can

FoodstuffEdward KiledjianComment

In August I wrote an article about fine dining in a can. It was the ultimate way to consume a 12 course meal with a can opener (link). A game retailer in the UK, called GAME, has decided that its customers are too busy to cook Christmas dinner. For this holiday season, they are offering a complete Christmas meal in a can (link).

  • Layer one – Scrambled egg and bacon
  • Layer two – Two mince pies
  • Layer three – Turkey and potatoes
  • Layer four – Gravy
  • Layer five – Bread sauce
  • Layer six – Cranberry sauce
  • Layer seven – Brussel sprouts with stuffing – or broccoli with stuffing
  • Layer eight – Roast carrots and parsnips
  • Layer nine – Christmas pudding

Weird Food - What is Balut

FoodstuffEdward KiledjianComment

Balut is a fertilized egg embryo that is typically aged for 16-21 days (depending on which country you eat it in) then boiled like a hard boiled egg and eaten. It is supremely popular in the Philippines and Vietnam.

I have encountered it often in those countries but just couldn't get myself to try it. My western palate just can't stomach this.

It is such a difficult concept for us that it was even a Fear Factor even

Cola flavored Wine is here

FoodstuffEdward KiledjianComment
A French winemaker (Haussmann Famille) is about to make your wildest dreams come true by introducing Cola flavored wine. This "magical" concoction is called Rouge Sucette and is 75% wine and 25% sugar,water and cola flavoring. It contains about 9% alcohol.
Citizens of the winemaking kingdom (aka France) will be able to enjoy [or be repulsed by] this new product as soon as next month. Could this be a new club favorite, something between regular code and rum and coke?
Why would a venerable industry like the French wine industry try something this different? They need to attract a younger demographic that currently prefers beer and spirits. You may not be aware but flavored wine has already been tried before with products like Arachon which is a grapefruit flavored rosée.