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What should your 2013 raise be?

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Most employees over-estimate their value to their company and therefore expect too much of a raise. In 2012, the typical raise was between 1.9 – 2%. Highest performers seem to receive around 4%.

What does this mean? It means you should set realistic raise targets so you’re not disappointed when your boss gives you that raise letter. The best thing you can do is to continually touch base with your boss (over the year) to ensure your evaluation of your performance is in-line with your boss’ evaluation. 

Do more than your boss expects

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Many colleagues I have coached overestimate their worth to the company and almost always think they are underpaid. The key message is that your company pays your salary to do your job. You only deserve a raise if you are performing to a higher level than that expected from your boss.

To add value to your boss (and become raise worthy), make your boss’ life easier:

  • Ensure you deliver on all of your commitments on time and to the exact expected quality
  • Keep your boss updates on the items you are working on for him/her
  • Volunteer to take on additional more challenging responsibilities
  • Be attentive to issues experienced by your boss and come up with creative ways to solve them (even if it isn’t your job)

Make yourself indispensable and a raise will usually follow.