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Weird Food - A-Ping (aka fried tarantulas)

TravellingEdward KiledjianComment
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In North America, we looooooove frying animals and eating them... Would you be surprised to learn other countries love frying food too? In some Cambodian cities, you can buy a wonderfully crisp fried tarantula called a-ping. 

The spiders are often bred specifically for this and once they reach the right size (often the size of your palm, they are spiced (MSG, sugar, salt, garlic) and deep fried in hot oil. They cook it until the legs are stiff and until the contents of the abdomen aren't running anymore. Most street vendors sells this "delicacy" for under$US0.10 each

I know... All of this makes you want to buy a ticket and try a dozen of these with a side of french fired and a cola. Who needs the colonel?