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Nokia Here Maps finally available for IOS

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

It has been a good week for IOS device owners. First we were gifted an official Google Calendar app and now Nokia has released its Nokia Here Maps for IOS. 

This is one of the Nokia units that was not acquired by Microsoft and it seems they take mapping very seriously. In addition to offering turn by turn navigation, voice guidance, real time traffic alerts and public transit routing, it offers users the ability to download maps locally for over 100 countries.  This means you can route even when travelling out of country or going through bad reception areas.

I have been using the android version since its beta release and overall I am very pleased with its performance. It provides much more accurate routing than the built in Apple Maps.

Why not download this little gem and keep it in your toolkit for a rainy day?

App Store link (link)

Smartphone charging pants

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

We live in a world that is repulsed by wires. We want everything wireless. Wireless headsets. Wireless networking. Wireless Qi based charging. Wireless, wireless, wireless.

Now the world is a slightly better place because we finally have wireless smartphone charging pants (or as they call them in Europe Trousers). These pants have 2,400mAh of smartphone life giving energy coupled with a DC-50 induction charging plate. 

Place a compatible phone in the pocket and voila. This is the brainchild of British designer Adrien Sauvage working in collaboration with Nokia. These pants will be available for sale on Amazon for only $US350.

The one downside is that this adds one more thing to your list to charge. Somehow charging my pants just doesn't seem right.


Source: Nokia 

BBM Coming to windows Phone

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Stephen Elop just announced (at the Mobile World Mobile Conference in Barcelona) that Blackberries popular cross-platform mobile messenger app is coming to Windows phone "in the coming months". 

BBM them sent a press release clarifying that BBM for Windows Phone will be available this summer. Additionally we learned that BBM will also be available for the new Nokia X Android phone also. The press release also confirms that all BBM 2 features will be available at launch (BBM channels, voice, video, etc).

BBM Press Release (link)

Nokia 1020 camera beats Galaxy S4 which beats the iPhone 5s

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

PhoneArena conducted an interested blind photo test to determine which camera produced the best most pleasing pictures. By removing brand bias, they wanted to see which device the public would chose rather than just voting as a fanboy for their preferred device.

Nokia based on Windows Phone may not offer all the comforts of the other established ecosystems but that incredible PureView 41MP camera blew its competitors away. 62% of voters actually chose the Lumia 1020 picture as the best. The Samsung Galaxy S4 came in at a distant second with 20% of the vote and the iPhone 5s came in 3rd with only 11% of the vote. The other 3 competitors were left picking up the crumbs: LG G2m iPhone 5c and the HTC One.

PhoneArena blind smartphone caamera challenge results

PhoneArena blind smartphone caamera challenge results

Nokia's Lumia 1520 Phablet says hi

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

The 1520 is on the right. 

WP Central is reporting that Nokia will be entering the phablet (phone + tablet) market with a new model called the 1520 (to the right).

This leaked device supposedly has a 6 inch display at full HD, we expect it to be powered by Qualcomm. No release date is being speculated but I doubt many consumers would line up for a Windows Phone phablet.

WP Central