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Quebec to change tax collection rules for foreign tech companies

GeneralEdward Kiledjian1 Comment

Montreal's La Presse newspaper is reporting that "two high-level government sources" have confirmed that the upcoming Quebec budget (March 27, 2018) will include new sales taxes levied on foreign tech companies like Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Apple, that do not have a Quebec presence. 

As it currently stands, these non-resident foreign companies are not expected to collect sales taxes from consumers. Under current regulations, the government expects consumers to auto-report these purchases and submit the necessary taxes. 

Based on a November report, the Quebec government believes it lost 270M$ during the previous fiscal year because of this collection model. 

Additionally, the government believes local merchants selling online are disadvantaged by the extra tax burden

The intent will be to:

  • collect sales tax on products and services (intangible) coming from outside of Canada
  • collect sales tax on physical goods physical goods coming from outside of  Canada
  • collect sales tax on goods (tangible or intangible) coming from the rest of Canada

La Presse reports that these new tax rules will be implemented regardless of Ottawa's position or opinion. 

Quebec court orders Telus to pay $2.6M for texting fees

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

The Quebec Superior court has ordered Telus to reimburse customers to the tune of $2.6M in text messaging fees. This is a  result of Telus unilaterally changing terms and conditions for 172425 customers in Quebec (charging 15 cents per incoming text message).

If you are one of the affected customers, you could receive a whopping $15 but know that Telus is reviewing the decision. They could of course appeal the decision so we'll have to wait and see.

iPhone coming to Videotron March 28

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Videotron has had a "interest registration"  page for a while promising to notify you when the iPhone eventually made its way to its Quebec only network. 

Now we see these tweets

We know Videotron bought 700MHZ spectrum outside of Quebec with the hopes of expanding its services accross Canada.  We know the iPhone typically drives new subscribers to carriers so pairing it with an attractive monthly plan can be really bad news for Rogers, Bell or Telus.

Uber launches its Taxi service in Montreal

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

The super popular Uber taxi service is testing its offering in Montreal (Quebec). Uber taxis are limited during this testing phase but it shouldn't be "too" difficult to hail a taxi within a reasonable time-frame. 

What is Uber?

Uber iPhone app

Uber iPhone app



It is a smartphone app that allows you to hail a taxi. The app tells you where your taxi is and notified you when it arrives to pick you up. Uber also stores your payment information so you never have to worry about having cash on you. If you pay through their electronic service, they email you a receipt within minutes.



Launch special

To celbrate the testing launch of the Montreal service, they are offering users a $15 discount on their first taxi use. The discount code is UBERMTL 

Download the Uber app for your smartphone now

FIDO offers $50 unlimited plan

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Fido has now launched (for Quebec residents only) a special $50 per month plan which includes unlimited Canada wide calling and 1GB of data. This is being done as a direct response to Videotron offering similar types of plans winning customers away from Fido/Rogers.

This is a fantastic deals for most users and you should sign up quickly before this plan disappears. 

Plan page here