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Blackberry outsells Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Canadian retailer Glentel, who operates 330 stores, says the Blackberry Z10 is out selling the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. They haven't provided any actual sales numbers but this may be the kind of lifesaving trend Blackberry needs right now. 

We should get more concrete sales number from Blackberry March 28 when it reports it's forth quarter results. It will be interesting to see how our American friends react to the new Z10 when it is finally made available "down south" in March.

Many have said this is the make it or break it device for Blackberry.


Canadian companies showing BB10 some love

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
We are 7 days away from the launch of Blackberry 10 and RIM is maintaining its promise of 70,000 apps at launch. Demos and leaks have already shown Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare clients. We also expect the major public media apps like Songza, Pandora, HULU Mobile and Sticher to make their services available.
Canadian companies will be showing Blackberry 10 some love and now we are learning that some household names will also release BB10 optimized apps including Air Canada, President's Choice, Tim Horton's and the Weather Network.
If RIM can deliver an excellent user experience wrapped in a healthy and thriving ecosystem then the new Blackberry 10 may just have a chance.

Blackberry 10 Facebook app

Blackberry 10 FourSquare app

VISA approved Blackberry (RIM) for mobile payment

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Research In Motion (RIM) is working to build credibility ahead of the Blackberry 10 launch later this month and 3rd party certifications are critical. RIM is able to add another to its hat because VISA just approved RIM Near Field Communication (NFC) and Secure Element Manager (SEM) for use with VISA's mobile payment solutions. 
In Canada, mobile payments are just starting and the largest consortium (EnStream created by Rogers, Bell and Telus) will allow Blackberry users to pay for purchases using their smartphones.

Blackberry 10 may have some traction yet.

The press release

WATERLOO, ON – Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today announced that its Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution for NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile payments has been approved by Visa. RIM’s SEM is the backend solution for carriers that can securely manage credentials on SIM (subscriber identity module) cards installed in all types of NFC-capable mobile devices.

“The approval from Visa of RIM’s SEM solution is an important step in that it will enable carriers to support Visa issuing banks and financial institutions,” said Frank Maduri, Senior Director, NFC Services and TSM Product Management at RIM. “We now offer carriers a robust solution with around-the-clock global support that works on any NFC-capable device, and meets the stringent technology and usability guidelines for Visa.”

“RIM’s success in gaining Visa’s formal approval as secure element manager is a crucial step in expanding RIM’s role as a key security partner for mobile payment solutions around the globe,” said Andy Castonguay, Principal Analyst, at Informa Telecoms & Media. “RIM’s secure network operations center provides a unique combination of global geographic reach, and has established trusted relationships with hundreds of carriers around the world with an unparalleled reputation for security, which sets RIM apart as an SEM partner in the growing mobile payments space.”

Today’s announcement from RIM builds on the recent deployment of mobile payments in Canada by EnStream, a joint venture of Bell, Rogers and TELUS, which uses RIM’s SEM solution.

About Research In Motion

Research In Motion (RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation, revolutionized the mobile industry with the introduction of the BlackBerry® solution in 1999. Today, BlackBerry® products and services are used by millions of customers around the world to stay connected to the people and content that matter most throughout their day. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, RIM operates offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. RIM is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ: RIMM) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RIM). For more information, visit: or

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Backberry 10 specs and features revealed

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

I have received emails from readers mentioning that carriers (US and Canada) have started training employees in preparation for the Blackberry 10 launch later this month. 

A training presentation has surfaced showing the browser, powerful multi tasking, etc. One slide claims there will be 70,000 apps at launch, which blows my mind.

Spec wise, expect a 336ppi screen, a Qualcomm S4 processor, an 1800 mAh battery and BBM video.


RIM kicked out of the NASDAQ-100

TradingEdward KiledjianComment

The NASDAQ-100 is a stock market index of the world's largest non financial companies. NASDAQ recently announced that Facebook will be listed while Netflix and RIM will be shown the door (in 2013).

Although this is another strike against RIM, it isn't unexpected. With RIM's stock being so low and projections so bad, no one should really be surprised that they will be removed from the NASDAQ-100. 

If you don't trust my information, head on over and check the official NASDAQ release [here](