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Single Malt... toothpicks?

FoodstuffEdward KiledjianComment
Its time to stop picking at your teeth with your fingernails. There is a better way to get those food remnants out from between your teeth with something called a toothpick. But toothpicks have always been so boring: being a small, flat and flavourless piece of wood. 
Now Danesonhas finally released toothpicks worthy of being called exciting. Daneson sells toothpicks soaked in expensive, tasty and glorious single malt scotch. As you keep these adulty toothpicks in your mouth, the wonderfully delicate taste of the scotch slowly releases into your mouth where you will hopefully be refined enough to enjoy its valuable gift.
Daneson describes the scotch as :
"A recipe with barrel aged Islay single malt scotch from a 200 year old distillery is what makes our Single Malt Nº16 special. "
Each box contains at least 12 toothpicks and each order (costing $215.76 USD) comes with 24 bottles.
Feel free to order a couple of kits here.