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Google bought Songza

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

It seems the rumours we had all heard were true and Google has finally snapped up Songza. Deal details were are not known but media believes the deal is worth 15M$.

Some said this was done to improve Google Play Music All Access service others say it was a jab at Apple's 3B$ acquisition of Beats. 

Google issued a statement calming existing users by confirming that the service will continue as is (for the immediate future).  Unfortunately I'm convinced they will kill the Songza service we know and love moving users to the Google paid monthly service.

goodbye Songza... It was a fantastic ride while it lasted

Google in talks to buy Songza

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Apple bough Beats and now NT Post (link) is reporting that Google may be in talks to buy popular streaming service Songza. Apple paid approximately $500M for Beats' streaming service which is believed to have less than 250,000 subscribers. Google is reportedly offering 15M$ for Songza which has 5.5M active users.

Songza has a unique approach to music recommendations. You choose what you are doing and they recommend a custom tailors human curated playlist for that activity. This approach works really well and this is one of my main music go to services.

We don't have any indication of how much revenue it generates but it has started to offer branded playlists with the name of a company in the playlist. It has also started to insert advertising into its apps and website.

I like Songza and would be sad to see it disappear. 

Canadian companies showing BB10 some love

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
We are 7 days away from the launch of Blackberry 10 and RIM is maintaining its promise of 70,000 apps at launch. Demos and leaks have already shown Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare clients. We also expect the major public media apps like Songza, Pandora, HULU Mobile and Sticher to make their services available.
Canadian companies will be showing Blackberry 10 some love and now we are learning that some household names will also release BB10 optimized apps including Air Canada, President's Choice, Tim Horton's and the Weather Network.
If RIM can deliver an excellent user experience wrapped in a healthy and thriving ecosystem then the new Blackberry 10 may just have a chance.

Blackberry 10 Facebook app

Blackberry 10 FourSquare app