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Hitman services on the TOR Darkweb

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My readers have shown great interest in the TOR anonymity network (aka Darknet or Darkweb). To answer some of the more common questions I get asked, I have written a bunch of articles (including):

Recently I have received a bunch of questions (over a dozen emails and messages) asking if you can buy Hitman services on the Darknet. I guess recent movies have people thinking. The answer is probably. Since I haven’t used these services, I can’t vouch if they are real (they could be governmental sting operations) but here are some examples…

Hitman Service 47

Link : http://q2zbeqym56qqp6l6.onion/


The prices are interesting on this site. “Average Joe and Jane” for $10K…

Bratva Mafia Hitmen for hire

Link : http://2dsfjelfbxdjnjtp.onion/?w=laste


What about a hitman marketplace that claims to test all contractors? “Some hitmen are pending doing test orders, and we want to ensure we filter out cops wanting to pose as hitmen. “

Pricing seems similar to the Hitman Service 47

  • “If your target is the average person, for example an ex-wife, business partner, or some enemy, the price is around $10,000 to hire the average hitman. Some less experienced operatives accept $5000 while other skilled operatives can charge $20,000 for shooting with a hand gun and escape using a stolen car or motorcycle.”

  • “For important people, like small celebrities, who have bodyguards, we offer you professional ex-military operatives starting at $30,000. They use sniper rifles to do the job and can escape discretely.”\


The answer is yes. You really can buy anything on the Darknet if you know where to look. Remember that many of these may be fake scams or law enforcement stings. However some do sound legit but…. This is all very illegal. I provided the above sites as examples only and am not recommending them.

Operation Green Heart targets online currency counterfeit buyers

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment
Image courtesy of Europol

Image courtesy of Europol

A massive Europe wide operation took place between November 19 until December 6th, arresting 235 suspects in 13 countries. The operation confiscated 1,500 Euro banknotes, drugs, weapons, computers, phones, bitcoin, etc.

This operation was made possible after a 33-year old counterfeiter was arrested in June 2018 by Austrian police in the city of Leoben. The counterfeiter was producing 10,20 & 50 Euro banknotes and it is believed he had successfully offloaded over 10,000 (worth ~ $500,000 EUR) notes before being arrested. The counterfeit notes were sent out using regular mail, so as not to arouse suspicion.

The counterfeiter is believed to have designed the notes on his own computer. He printed them himself and made them look authentic using (suspected) Chinese made holograms. Depending on the quality of the prints, the price varied from 15-40% of the notes face value. also reports that data from an FBI/Europol raid on another Darknet seller specializing in weapons, drugs and fake money also contributed valuable information to Operation Green Heart.

The operation involved raids on 300 dwellings across Europe: 178 in Germany, 28 in France, 20 in Austria and others in Spain (Madrid, Velncia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, etc) , Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands.

One of the suspects arrested in Munich still had 14 counterfeit notes with him.

The moral of the story is that good policing can cut through the anonymity of TOR, so criminals beware.


DarkPage wants to resurrect Backpages

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US law enforcement shutdown online classified ads site in April (2018) because they had evidence it was facilitating human trafficking and exploitation. Supporters applauded the authorities for shutting down a marketplace specifically encouraging sex sale, while free speech advocates highlight this as a limitation of free speech (and press) by government.


There is now an attempt to resurrect this service online (by new owners) using the secrecy of the TOR darknet anonymous network (http://s7guxry2lvu3bblf.onion/)

On the internet, many espouse the belief that if something can be done, then it should be done without any regard to the socioeconomic impact.

The site is very basic, with a clumsy interface. Clearly this was a hastily designed and deployed site.

This site is in startup mode, and you will notice that most categories are still empty, but it will be interesting to watch and see what happens. Could the push for open sexual advertising drive users to a TOR site (which typically is only used by more tech-savvy professionals)?

Tochka DarkNet Marketplace

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

It's been a while since I posted a Darknet website. I would like to introduce you to the Tochka Marketplace ( http://pointgg3pgee4gic.onion/ )

Tochka was launched in 2015 by Russian speaking devs. It offers the ability to conduct transaction without the buyers and sellers having to talk. Dead-drop transactions are available for more sensitive transactions. They also offer a "Buy It Now" option called "Instant Trade".

This is a smaller marketplace and is less known that it's more popular (aka news-worthy) counterparts. It has poorer design and a questionable choice of colors.

Enter the marketplace


If you click on the vendor tab, you can choose your seller of choice.

You can buy anything from Marijuana to Marijuana oil, Research chemicals , with prescription medications, credit cards and everything in between.


Shipping Expertise

What you will find most interesting is how they have developed expertise to ship items carefully wrapped in an attempt to bypass customs inspection. Hopefully writing about it here may create interest by some police departments and shut down some of these more questionable and dangerous sellers.