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iPhone 5C

iPhone coming to Videotron March 28

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Videotron has had a "interest registration"  page for a while promising to notify you when the iPhone eventually made its way to its Quebec only network. 

Now we see these tweets

We know Videotron bought 700MHZ spectrum outside of Quebec with the hopes of expanding its services accross Canada.  We know the iPhone typically drives new subscribers to carriers so pairing it with an attractive monthly plan can be really bad news for Rogers, Bell or Telus.

Apple to scrap iPhone 5c according to WSJ

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Image by  Janitors  under Creative Commons License

Image by Janitors under Creative Commons License

Another day, another Apple rumour. This time the Wall Street Journal (link) is reporting that Apple will unveil 2 new iPhones this year. One with a display larger than 4.5" and another one with a display larger than 5".

Of course these rumour come from "people familiar with the situation" so take it all with a large block of salt.

They are predicting a model that looks similar to the iPhone 5s with a metal casing and a standard October launch. 

The most surprising rumour in the article is that they predict Apple will scrap the iPhone 5c. No explanation of why or when.

iPhone 5c /5s are great for travellers

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A big issue for travelers is that carriers use different communication bands. Most Canadian cell phones support the "standard" bands (850,900,1900,2100 MHz). Newer Canadian providers and some American providers use other bands such as AWS bands (1700, 2100 MHz).

What does this mean to you?

It means that you will be able to use the fastest possible connection on more networks around the world. Previously (with an iPhone 4s), my connection sometimes dropped to 2G (or edge) networks which meant painfully slow connectivity when travelling to the US. With the new iPhone 5s, you will be on 4G more often and the connection will be much more reliable.

Nokia 1020 camera beats Galaxy S4 which beats the iPhone 5s

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PhoneArena conducted an interested blind photo test to determine which camera produced the best most pleasing pictures. By removing brand bias, they wanted to see which device the public would chose rather than just voting as a fanboy for their preferred device.

Nokia based on Windows Phone may not offer all the comforts of the other established ecosystems but that incredible PureView 41MP camera blew its competitors away. 62% of voters actually chose the Lumia 1020 picture as the best. The Samsung Galaxy S4 came in at a distant second with 20% of the vote and the iPhone 5s came in 3rd with only 11% of the vote. The other 3 competitors were left picking up the crumbs: LG G2m iPhone 5c and the HTC One.

PhoneArena blind smartphone caamera challenge results

PhoneArena blind smartphone caamera challenge results