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windows Phone 8

Microsoft to launch global wifi network for enterprise customers

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Microsoft's Skype entity already offers a product called Skype WIFI (link) which allows you to buy WIFI access in millions of locations by the minute. A barebones webpage now may indicate that Microsoft has bigger plan for it's WIFI resale business and may be branding it Microsoft WIFI (link). 

The service (purportedly) will offer access to its millions of WIFI access hotspots to Office 365 Enterprise subscribers, Surface 2 owners or buyers of the Work & Play bundle. 

The DNS lookup of the website seems to indicate that it belongs to Microsoft so I am assuming it is legitimate but it is still very sparse and missing tones of information. Based on the info it does contain, it looks like this service will continue in the path started by Skype WIFI where Microsoft will resell WIFI hotspot access belonging to other providers such as Boingo, XFinity WIFI, BT and more. And yes, it does look like a global service. 

We don't know the model they will use. Will it be a subscription based model, a pay-per-use model or a hybrid? Will some access time be included in the base subscriptions? 

We do know, based on the website that they will have apps for most platforms including Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows Phone. Skype WIFI also offered an app for these platforms but also included one for Linux (which the Microsoft WIFI page does not mention right now).

At this point that's all we know but I'll keep watching this site and report back when things develop further.


Demo of Cortana, Microsoft's answer to Siri

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

We have known that Microsoft's answer to Siri was in the works and code-named Cortana but for the first time, we get a video demo leak. Cortana will be included in Windows Phone 8.1

Since Cortana requires a Microsoft account, it is almost certain that the heavy lifting is being done in the cloud and that it will use its cloud storage infrastructure to move your profile (searches, customizations, etc) between devices.

There will be a customization process to ensure Cortana give you the best possible response (as an example what type of restaurants you prefer). 

We expect Windows Phone 8.1 sometime in April and we believe existing Windows Phone 8 devices can be upgraded to the latest OS (shouldn't require a brand new phone).

BBM Coming to windows Phone

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Stephen Elop just announced (at the Mobile World Mobile Conference in Barcelona) that Blackberries popular cross-platform mobile messenger app is coming to Windows phone "in the coming months". 

BBM them sent a press release clarifying that BBM for Windows Phone will be available this summer. Additionally we learned that BBM will also be available for the new Nokia X Android phone also. The press release also confirms that all BBM 2 features will be available at launch (BBM channels, voice, video, etc).

BBM Press Release (link)

Samsung to release a Galaxy lookalike windows phone

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

evleaks is at it again. This time we learn that Samsung will release a brand new (2014) Windows 8.1 phone that looks like ... well... a Galaxy phone...

This Verizon device will support LTE have a 5" 1080p capable screen. Expect this device to be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona alongside Samsung's other Android devices. It seems Samsung really wants to have a device for everyone in every possible size.

Vine is now on Windows Phone

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Windows phone is a nice mobile operating system for people upgrading from a featurephone (or dumb phone). Its major problem was that many of the most popular Android and IOS apps were missing from its ecosystem.

Now another app has finally made its way to Windows Phone (version 8 only) is Vine. The app seems to be a nice port that takes into account the Windows Phone operating system specific features like Live Tiles, lens support, adding Vine users to your home screen, etc.

The core feature of Vine are all included. The newer feature from Android and IOS are still missing but should come eventually if the app becomes popular on Windows Phone.

I doubt this will make anyone swtich from Android or IOS to Windows Phone but it does give Windows Phone users more features they have been asking for.

Download it from here now.