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For the last 25+ years, I have helped organizations large and small achieve their maximum potential by leveraging proven frameworks, implementing  efficient operational models and developing new revenue streams.

Having worked with companies in  over 40 countries, I have a unique perspective on international business that very few consultants can provide. I understand the intricacies of today's global marketplace, the challenges it brings and the incredible opportunities it provides.

I have had the honor of working for some of the world's most respected organizations in different industries including air transportation, local and global governments, utilities, global conglomerates, manufacturers and many more.

Right now, I am the Chief Information Security Officer for OpenText.  I started "doing" security before it was cool.

These days I call  Toronto (Ontario, Canada) home. On a personal note, I’m a technology junkie always searching for my next shiny gadget. As you can imagine, I love traveling around the world and am an advanced scuba diver.

Why this site?

Since starting the site, the most common question I receive is “Why did I start this site?”. People notice that the site doesn't have any advertising or other monetizing mechanism. 

I started the site as a personal pet project to share knowledge and information I find interesting. All I ask is that you help spread the word to your colleagues, friend and family. If you have comments or questions, use the email form on the right hand side of this page to contact me. 

Another question I get is “I want to write an article, will you publish it?”

Right now, the answer is "Not Yet". Maybe sometime in the future but right now I want to keep it personal.

My Public PGP Key

You can download my public PGP key here.