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Review of the Zagg InvisibleShield for Iphone 4/4s

Apple, IOS, InvisibleShield, Zagg, iPhoneEdward KiledjianComment

Years ago, I learned the importance of protecting my devices to keep them looking newer longer. Even after a couple of years of use, most of my electronics look fairly new. One of my secrets is the InvisibleShield product from Zagg.

What is the Zagg InvisibleShield?
It is a specially designed thin and transparent film that you install on your phone to protect it from scratches and minor bumps.  I bought the Maximum Coverage product which has all of the required pieces to protect the front, back and sides.


Installation is a bit tricky and for first time users will be fairly frustrating. Each kit includes a special mini spray bottle (with their special solution), a plastic squeegee and 2 sheets of the material pre-cut to the right shape.

The process is as follow:

  • You thoroughly clean your device and ensure it is absolutely dust free
  • You wet your finger tips then strip the first section from the backing
  • you wet the material (in hand)
  • you gently install and nudge the protector until it looks properly positioned
  • Using the squeegee, you push out any air bubbles to the sides.

You then wait until it dries a little and move on to the sides and back.
Most installers find it challenging to get the film places “just right” and once the product has dried for 24 hours, it has to be replaced if put on wrong. Their instructions are basic at best. Even after 3 installations, I still find it challenging to find the right side piece and install it in the right place. There is no coding to ensure you install the right [side piece] in the right place.

Finished product

Anything you install on top of your screen will slightly dull, haze or reduce the brightness (orange peel effect) of your screen. InvisibleShield is no different. Although some people find that it adds a yellowish tint, I have not had that issue myself.

The InvisibleShield has a textured surface “to aid with grip”. Some people have complained that it “doesn’t feel natural” however I have never been bothered by this.

Any device I have protected with InvisibleShield has remained scratch free which is really the ultimate test.

Usage with a case
Since the time  I bought my product (during the launch of the iPhone 4), they have added a new screen cover specifically made for use with cases. This is a good thing.

Using any of their other protectors with a case means the case will push up the side of the front protector and cause it to bubble and peel. Huge issue.  If you have a protector installed on the back, I have found it adds too much thickness to make cases usable. I have tested this with the Mophie Juicepack, Ottherbox Defender, Lifeproof  and a couple of other models.

The moral of this story is buy the specific case version if you plan on using it with a case or you will have issues.

Why I am no longer a customer

 One of the biggest selling points for me was the warranty. Any company willing to provide a lifetime warranty on its products really believes in them. To be fair, I have had to replace my Shield a couple of times. First time because I started using the Mophie Juicepack air case (there were no counter indications) and found my front shield starting to peel.

Most of the time, the shipping and handling to Canada was a reasonable $US5-6. I had my iphone replaced by Apple and wanted to replace my InvisibleShield.  I was shocked when the S&H [for my free replacement] was $US15. Now the last replacement came in a small bubble envelope that costs about $4 to ship to Canada via USPS and rates have not gone up that much to justify such a jump. Keep in mind a brand new replacement can be bought in most retail stores for about $25.

I tweeted and emailed their support asking for a revision to this charge but was told at every turn that the price on the site (for S&H) is the USPS price and there is nothing they can do. When I check shipping on the USPS site with the dimensions and weight of their retail package product, shipping is still under $5. So you have to ask yourself what’s going on.

No more Zagg products for me
I have 2 pairs of Zagg earphones; I have bought about a dozen Invisible shield products, for various devices, over the years. Dozens of my friends and colleagues have purchased Zagg InvisibleShield products because of my recommendations.

Having not had any issues, I would likely have been a customer for many more years but…. This latest challenge with their excessive (my opinion) S&H rate, to replace an in warranty product, was the last straw. It makes me think the S&H cost is being kept unreasonably high  to dissuade people from ordering free replacements (again my opinion). Attempts to solve this issue more fairly, using their support, also failed.

For a couple of dollars, Zagg has lost not only a loyal customer but also an advocate. Knowing that every installation will eventually require replacing, I cannot recommend their product due to the high replacement cost [of their free lifetime warranty].