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Cubby is the latest entry in the cloud storage market

StorageEdward KiledjianComment

Logmein is the gold standard for remote desktop access. They have steadily added a bunch of other cloud services from remote technical support to backup and configurationless VPN. Now they have decided to enter the crowded and competitive cloud storage business. 

Cubby is branding for their new cloud file storage service. The key differentiating feature compared to most of its competitors is that you can choose to cloud share any folder on your computer without having to move it into a “special” folder (for dropbox, all shared files have to be located in its special dropbox folder). They offer 5GB of free cloud storage and unlimited synchronization when your computer operates as the main server (a nice touch).

You log in to the service using your free logmein account.

We know they are using 256bit encryption (similar to their logmein product) so this shouldn’t be much of a concern for most users. I would like to see details of how cloud stored files are protected though.  

As I write this, they have clients for Windows, MAC, Android and IOS so most readers should be covered. The service is still in beta and I received my invitation about a day after applying for it. 

I don’t know the cost for additional storage but it has to be cheaper than what dropbox charges. I have installed it and am playing with it. So far no major issues but I do wish they had a couple of short tutorial walkthrough videos about how to configure a file for cloud storage and how to setup “cloudless” unlimited synchronization.

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