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Skype is spying on your instant messages

SecurityEdward KiledjianComment

A couple of weeks ago, a group of hackers accused Skype (now owned by Microsoft) of changing its underlying architecture to make eavesdropping easier.

It is still unknown if Skype/Microsoft can intercept your voice calls but reading their privacy policy, it is clearly written that they can and do comb through instant messages (which is stores for 30 or more when permitted by law) sent via the Skype service.

The reason voice interception is unknown is the use of a common legal term called “includes but is not limited to” which means they list some services they monitor but reserve the right to monitor others. We also know that Skype “co-operates with law enforcement agencies as is legally required and technically feasible,” so assume anything you IM via Skype may be used by them or handed over to law enforcement.

ZDNet’s Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols goes on to say “There is no reason to believe that they can’t record our  Skype voice calls as well,” “Therefore, any person or business who is concerned with their communication privacy should stop using Skype and look for an alternative.”

Interesting when these types of privacy concerns surface and get confirmed. User beware.

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