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Chromium browser can clean-up after malware infections

InfoSecEdward KiledjianComment
Even the most careful internet user may find himself/herself on a questionable site that loads the browser with all kinds of "wonderful gifts" like toolbars, new search engines, extensions and the like. Normally recovering from something like this is painful and time consuming.
A crafty and detail oriented individual, Francois Beaufort, discovered a new feature in Chromium called reset profile which resets everything back to factory defaults:
  • homepage
  • search engine
  • cookies
  • and disables the extensions
Why is this interesting? Because cool new features often work their way from Chromium back to Google official Chrome browser. One more tool to make the internet a safer place.
You can read Francois' Google+ post here. And if you're not on Google+, what are you waiting for?