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I give you chocolate flavoured toothpaste

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Ina  world where anything is possible and the affluent are looking for better ways to spend their money, Theodent has a solution: Chocolate flavoured toothpaste. Now you too can live your childhood dreams of brushing your teeth with chocolate flavoured toothpaste for the measly sum of $100 a tube. 

The magic is possible because of a patented cacao extract called Rennou which is non-toxic, safe for children and tastes like everyones favourite guilty pleasure. Organic shoppers will love the fact the toothpaste contains no fluoride (uses theobromine, calcium and phosphate) and  helps strengthen tooth enamel, whiten and strengthen your teeth. 

The basic (classic) toothpaste costs $9.99 a tube but is conveniently out of stock. The next version is $99.99 (extra strength).

Time to upgrade your brushing to the next level.