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OnePlus 5T specs and release date

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

It's time to upgrade my phone and I am waiting to see what OnePlus releases as their OnePlus 5T model. In the above photo (from , we see that the launch will likely take place on November 16 (for India at least which is where we believe this slide was created for).

And everyone's favorite leaker, EVLeaks also confirmed a November release date.\

OnePlus 5T Specs

Everything we have so far is based on rumor. Remember that everything we have seen so far could be an elaborate misinformation campaign by OnePlus. With that caveat, let's dive in.

We believe the processor will be the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 found in the OnePlus 5 and all other 2017 smartphones.

We also expect the OnePlus 5T to be delivered in 2 common packages:

  • 6GB of RAM + 64 GB of internal storage
  • 8GB of RAM + 128 GB of internal storage

These options should be identical to what we have with the OnePlus 5.  Some of the leaks also suggest a larger 3300 mAh battery (according to AnTuTu benchmarks). It is also safe to assume the OnePlus 5T will come with their proprietary Dash speed charging technology, 

The OnePlus 5 had an excellent camera and OnePlus understands the importance of the camera. The latest leaks suggest that the OnePlus 5T will now include 2 20MP cameras. 

OnePlus co-founder (Carl Pei) recently tweeted this:

If the above picture is an indication of low light picture quality the OnePlus 5T will bring, I am very excited. 

OnePlus 5T design

OnePlus has always been a design-driven company and it is safe to assume they will deliver this time as well. It is safe to assume the new OnePlus 5T will adorn a 6" 18:9 screen with a resolution of at least 2160x1080. 

This new larger display will require a more "bezeless" front and we expect the fingerprint sensor to be moved to the back. 



The above "leaked" image from a Chinse site supports everything we have heard so far. You can see the post containing this picture on Sina Weibo yourself. Keep in mind that all the leaks have come from unverified sources so they may simply be photoshop creations. 

OnePlus 5T Price

OnePlus has slowly increased the price of it's phone with every new release. We typically see a $50US increase each time and it is safe to assume OnePlus will stick to that model. The OnePlus 5 was $US479 at launch. I expect the OnePlus 5T to be around $US529.

Even at $529, it is almost half the price of equivalent flagships from Samsung, Google or LG.


And now we wait for November 16 to come. I am anxiously waiting for the OnePlus 5T to see if it is my next daily carry phone or if I will go with the Samsung Note 8 or Google Pixel 2XL. Did I mention I hate waiting?