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Send large file via the internet securely and for free

Edward KiledjianComment

I wrote about the original test version of the free Mozilla Firefox Send service in July 2018.


Mozilla Firefox Send is a free service open to any user, accessible with any browser, that allows you to securely send a large (up to 2.5GB) file to another internet user. The process is very simple, you upload a file, they provide a unique link that you share with the intended recipient.

The file can be expired after one to one hundred downloads or 1 to 7 days.


You can also protect the file with a download password


There are other services but most charge for add on features like download password protection or expiry configuration. Firefox Send is completely free and comes from the fine folks over at Mozilla that we trust.

Google allows you to receive 50MB email attachments

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

I've been a Google GMAIL user from the start and get excited when Google releases new features. The sultan of search has increased the inbound attachment limit to 50MB (from 25MB). Outbound attachment size is still capped at 25MB.

Sending and receiving attachments is an important part of email exchanges. While Google Drive offers a convenient way to share files of any size, sometimes you need to receive large files as direct email attachments. So starting today, you will be able to receive emails of up to 50MB directly.

This change is rolling out to users and should hit everyone in the next week.

Google announcement here.