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Easily switch between Sense and the Google Experience on an HTC One

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Customers looking for a new Android smartphone will have to decide between the original (subsidized) manufacturer skinned version or the new Google Play Experience phones with vanilla Android. One of the most popular phones right now is the HTC One and customers have to make this same decision.
Paul O'Brien, a popular Android dev, has released a cool switching app that allows customers to have both (Sense 5 and the Google Experience) with easy switching. Watch the below video for a quick demo of the app:
"MoDaCo.SWITCH for the HTC One is coming soon, allowing you to easily switch between Sense and Google Play edition on your phone, without maintaining two sets of data.
The new concept is demoed in the video below. I'm currently testing the build and looking for any last remaining issues / bugs before I let it loose on you lot in the form of a public Beta!
It will be installed via custom recovery in the usual way and is based on the 2.24 European One ROM (Android 4.2.2) and the shipping Google Play edition ROM. Stay tuned for further updates!" - from Modaco
This is a great tool that will make the decision process much easier.