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Surface Pro

Microsoft fixes Surface Pro 2 battery & sleep issues

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

In December, Microsoft released a horribly tested problem causing patch that was quickly withdrawn. Now they have released an updated patch which Microsoft assures fixes the biggest Surface Pro complaints such as battery life and a randomly waking up device.

It doesn't fix all the issues but it is a step in the right direction.

Just head over to your software update applet and enjoy some free device improvement now.

Microsoft Stores coming to BestBuy in Canada

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Image of a Microsoft Store in the Best Buy in Wichita Kansas, Image (c) Edward Kiledjian 2013. All rights reserved.

Image of a Microsoft Store in the Best Buy in Wichita Kansas, Image (c) Edward Kiledjian 2013. All rights reserved.

In an attempt to copy the Apple model of incredible sales, Microsoft will be expanding its Microsoft Store inside BestBuys by bringing this model to the great Canadian North. Over 100 of these new stores-inside-a-store will pop up across Canada in Best Buy and Futureshops.

These stores will be staffed with specially trained sales and technical specialists to convince you that everyone should own a Surface tablet and should be running Windows 8.1.

MS Surface 2 now available in Canada

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Microsoft Surface 2 Family

Microsoft Surface 2 Family

Yesterday was a busy tech announcement day and in all the hoopla, the availability of Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 was lost. 

If you are looking to overpay for a laptop that claims to be a tablet then you can now pick on up at a Microsoft store or in participating Canadian retailers.  Surface 2 (originally called Surface RT) is available for $449 and Surface Pro 2 sells for $899.

Microsoft Surface 


Surface Pro heads to Japan with 256GB of storage

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Everyone's favouring "tablet" (said sarcastically of course), the Microsoft Surface Pro, will be shipping in Japan on June 8th and come in a new 256GB storage model. 
The 256GB version will be available for 119,800 yen ($1,175) and customers will be able to pickup the touch or type covers. The Microsoft pressure sensitive pen is included with all bundles.
Read translated release here.