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More than half of Brits are victims of cybercrime

InfoSecEdward KiledjianComment

Results from a recent survey show that 56% of adults in the United Kingdom have been targeted through online attacks. Interestingly, 65% of those attacked haven’t changed their computing behavior.

The top 5 attacks where: 

  • Viruses
  • Email attacks
  • Social media attacks
  • Fraud driven sales
  • Online credit card fraud 

29% of respondents didn’t realize that they were increasing their risks of becoming victims.  Interestingly 17% of respondents admitted that they were embarrassed to admit having fallen victim to online attack.

Interestingly the top 5 attacks could be easily mitigated through vigilance, improving your knowledge about online attacks and implementing better online security hygiene (using more stringent security settings on sites, implementing 2 factor authentication where available,  etc.). 


  • MyPermissions - Secure social media information
  • Use complex passwords (which include uppercase+lowercase letters, numbers and symbols)
  • Use different passwords for different sites
  • Enable 2 step authentication (if you use Google Services).
  • Only download software from reputable sites and scan it before executing it.
  • Never submit personal information via email (banks never ask for your personal information)
  • Never open emails from unknown people.
  • Assume everything you do is monitored when using 3rd party WIFI hotspots.
  • Log Out of your sites when your work is done (don't just close the browser).
  • Install a security plug-in like https everywhere.
  • Remember you can't easily verify someone's identify on the internet (be wary of trusting strangers online).