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How many of your Twitter followers are fake?

technologyEdward Kiledjian2 Comments

With all the talk about fake Facebook/Twitter/Youtube followers, you may be wondering how many of your Twitter followers are real people and how many are bots.

Enter Twitter Audit. The company describes itself as

Each audit takes a random sample of 5000 Twitter followers for a user and calculates a score for each follower. This score is based on number of tweets, date of the last tweet, and ratio of followers to friends. We use these scores to determine whether any given user is real or fake. Of course, this scoring method is not perfect but it is a good way to tell if someone with lots of followers is likely to have increased their follower count by inorganic, fraudulent, or dishonest means.

You go to the frontpage

And log in with your twitter credentials.

It then analyzes your followers for a couple of minutes and generated a nice graphical representation


It provides a couple of graphs but the most important info is at the top. The service believes 120 out of my 3757 followers are fake(which is pretty good).

Why not take a second and check your follower count?

I recommend you then go to the Twitter permission page and revoke the apps rights (just in case).