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Nike Fuelband app not coming to Android

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

We are seeing an explosion of "self monitoring and measurement" gizmos. The Nike Fuelband was one such product that won the hearts and minds of many. Those on IOS have been enjoying the Fuelband IOS app for some time. It allows Nike Fuelband users to monitor progress, see achievements and share their performance with others.

Nike has now confirmed that it will NOT be releasing an Android app anytime soon:

My primary everyday smartphone is still an iPhone so this doesn't directly inconvenience me but it is interesting when a company decides to cut off the most popular smartphone OS. Why would a company like Nike, with deep pockets, not support a platform used by thousands of its customers? We may never know the reasoning behind it but I have already head some customers are switching to competing devices in protest.

You can get the Fitbit Android app here.