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IOS 7 to debut at WWDC 2013

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Many IOS users are anxiously waiting to see how the Jonathan Ive lead IOS 7 will look and perform. Every rumor I have read indicates that the new look will be very flat (like Windows phone 8). The rumor mill is saying Apple is "late" but like Rene Ritchie (from said, they can't be late for a product they haven't announced.
Many trusted sources have confirmed that developers have been pulled from other groups to help speed up IOS 7 development. The current rumored timeline is that it will be demoed at WWDC and then it will ship with the iPhone 5s in September.
IOS 7 has to be a major redesign otherwise I will jump ship to an Android device later this year when my FIDO contract expires.